The Perfect Medical School Application

You’re putting your medical school application together, going down the list checking off the various items, and you realize you’ve done pretty well:  You’ve maintained a decent GPA and have an MCAT score above average?. You’ve done research and shadowing and  have sent requests for letters of recommendation. There is one more thing, though, that […]

Exploring Medicine’s Advantage: Nate Nordmann’s Experience

Nate Nordmann is a second-year medical student at the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus. He graduated from St. John’s University in 2011 and worked at WuXi Apptec, an outsourcing company that serves worldwide pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device industries before starting medical school. While a student at SJU, Nordmann took the Exploring Medicine course and […]

How to Be a Great Candidate for Medical School

Your application to medical school is not just an afternoon of filling out an online or paper form, it is a process that takes years. Only about forty percent of students that apply to medical will be accepted for admission. Knowing the proper steps in the application process will maximize your chances of being one […]