About Exploring Medicine

Exploring Medicine is a series of scenario based medical modules designed to help students make an informed decision regarding the pursuit of a career in the medical field. These modules provide experiential education by applying basic science knowledge to true-to- life medical situations. Biology, chemistry, biochemistry, sociology, psychology and other science courses can be enhanced by seamlessly incorporating Exploring Medicine modules into the current curriculum.

The Exploring Medicine series of modules were first developed by Dr. Stephen Jameson in 1989, at the completion of his medical school training that year. Having just gone to med school with many classmates that had little knowledge of the field of medicine prior to matriculation, it was Dr. Jameson’s goal to create course work that would give students a better idea of what patient care is about and what the medical model is. He wanted the students to be able to look back and say this was their favorite college course, as they applied what they learned in basic science to clinical medicine and saw the relevance of their science studies. This course work has now been expanded and broken up into individual modules. Exploring Medicine modules continue to gain popularity as more and more college students learn to, “think like a doctor.”

Exploring Medicine is continuing to expand the online content and engage new faculty to instruct the various modules. There are now more than a dozen physicians and college professors involved in the creation and instruction of these modules. We count on the feedback of our students and faculty to continually improve this product. If you have suggestions or critiques of the Exploring Medicine modules we’d love to receive those at info@exploringmedicine.net.