How to Be a Great Candidate for Medical School

Your application to medical school is not just an afternoon of filling out an online or paper form, it is a process that takes years. Only about forty percent of students that apply to medical will be accepted for admission. Knowing the proper steps in the application process will maximize your chances of being one of those twenty thousand.


The first question you should ask yourself before embarking on the path to a medical school application is, “Do I want to be a doctor?” Are you making an informed decision? What do you know about the medical field? Do you know what the medical model is? Get good grades and smoke the MCAT- who hasn’t heard that advice. Whether you do moderately well academically or you are a genius does not make you better suited to be a physician someday.


To begin to answer these questions, watch this additional benefits video and start yourself down the right path to a great medical school application. When you know that medicine is the right career for you, it will show through on your application and in your med school interview. In our next Exploring Medicine post, we will discuss how to prepare the perfect application.