Exploring Medicine Terms of use agreement:

Upon payment of appropriate fees, you (the “user”) will be given access to selected modules providing

you agree to the terms of use agreement herein.

Scope of Use:

The information, illustrations, images, and videos that make up each of the modules is the property of

Exploring Medicine, and its parent corporation, JTACS. You are being granted sole access to this material

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under appropriate laws. By signing this agreement, you agree with this condition. You alone will have

access to authenticated Certificates of Completion upon successfully passing the quiz for each module.

Privacy Policy:

Personal information collected at the time of purchase of Exploring Medicine modules will not be given,

by Exploring Medicine or its representatives, to any third party vendor. Users may, from time to time, be

made aware of new products offered through the Exploring Medicine website.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Right Ownership:

The Exploring Medicine website and all of the Exploring Medicine modules contain material that is the

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a violation of this user agreement.


The Exploring Medicine modules are designed to be used for educational purposes. All users will learn

about the diagnosis and treatment of disease of patients, and pre-medical users will, in addition, fulfill

science competencies in preparation for applying to medical school. The information in all of the

Exploring Medicine modules is felt to be entirely accurate. As information and therapies change in

medicine, it is up to the user to obtain the most up to date information when actually caring for patients.

Term of Agreement:

Users of the Exploring Medicine modules will have access to purchased modules for a term of 12 months.